WHO is Muhammad Umair Ghufran 

My Core Skills:

– Front End Developer (HTML/CSS/Javascript)

– WordPress

– Inbound Marketing (International SEO )

– Php, Python saas, etc

– PPC Marketing


– Amazon Product Ranking

By profession, I am a Web Developer who specialises in Front End Development, primarily in HTML/CSS/Javascript.

During my career I have acquired expertise on some of the most popular Web Platforms:

  • WordPress: The current hot favourite for all your blogging needs.
  • PHP: Another popular open-source Web platform used primarily for medium scale websites
  • Python SAAS: A new emerging open source Web platform

When it comes to Website development, having gained experience on various types of Web platforms is not enough.

To create a useful and popular website and to promote it,

 You need to learn other useful tools as well which will help market your site and business effectively. Some of the instruments on which I have worked on and added under my belt are:

  • Inbound Marketing (International SEO)
  • PPC Marketing
  • SEO
  • Amazon Product Ranking


Google Adwords Certification Professional

– Google Analytics Certification Professional

– Kindle Publisher at Amazon Kindle soon.

It has been through dedication and my hard work that I

have earned a lot of awards and certifications in appreciation of my work through my life.

At such a tender age,

I am a Premium Instructor at Udemy and a Computer Instructor at Chegg, a renowned California based company. To enhance my knowledge and assist me with my work,

I have also earned Google Adwords Certification (Professional) and  Google Analytics Certification (Professional).

Well, this is not the end.

Soon I will become a Kindle Publisher at Amazon and have this honour badged on my chest along with my other works.

I entered into the world of development when i was still a student.

Not knowing where to start, I took help from Google: the biggest source of information available to us. Being an aspiring student, I used Google as my teacher. Using it as my guide, mentor, teacher and helper. It allowed me to find my direction and helped me define my path. Google helped me identify the courses i had to take and the knowledge gaps i had to fill to be good at the field i had chosen for myself.

The stumbled beginning

The beginning had a lot of rough patches. I had to take may pay courses from different organizations and teachers to acquire the knowledge set. Most of the websites I made in the initial days failed due to one reason or the other. It was these failures that helped me learn and grow.

The road forward

Now I am a student and a successful web developer who has made a mark for himself in the field of marketing and development. I am a premium instructor and a full stack developer at the same time. My knowledge also extends to the fields of PPC and display marketing. To add credibility to my work, I have also acquired a lot of certification relevant to my field to my resume.