Best way to learn programming

Today the modern world, almost every online learning platform offering the online courses of different subjects including programming courses like web development courses, java development courses, Android development courses etc but nobody teaches the method of  the best way to learn to program.

Don’t worry! Today I’m going to teach you this method

Best way to learn programming

First, of all, you should be confident, you can do it Yeah! Because this is really important to start any kind of career especially Programming.

so, next most necessary thing you should promise to yourself I’ll do any kind of legal work for this,

on the other hand, we can say that Set a goal for programming career per day, per week or per month

So, let’s get into this method, it’s pretty simple

hope you get point

After selecting your desired programming to go method

Step#1: Selecting your most favorite programming language

First thing is first to select your favorite subfield in programming, [Don’t worry about Scope of any programming]

if you are good in any kind of programming language, you have good programming skills, the good logic skill you can make a lot of $$$ Dollars! Yes you can do it

If you want to see how much money you can earn with each programming languages. simple go to upwork and

check related programming language profiles and calculate average income.

Step#2: Clear the basic concept

You know that in every field Basic Knowledge or concept is really important. so just clear some important concept

  • Programming Languages
  • High-Level Languages, Low-Level languages
  • Scripting Languages [Server Side or Client Side]
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Compiler, interrupters
  • Text Editors and IDE
  • Object-Oriented Analysis
  • Object-oriented programming languages
  • Object-oriented Design


Start your programming career with simple & easy syntax programming language

 My Experience :

I was started my programming career with C++. I learned C++,  working with conditional statements, sequence statements, build functions, like I was started my programming career with C++ I learned C++,  working with conditional statements , sequence statements, build functions, user-defined functions etc and after that  start object-oriented programming ,develop my life first object-oriented  little project Pizza Club Software Without any GUI Just use ASCII code to design my application Front-page where customer can select what kind of food they wanted to order and be using keyboard Keys, much more functionality related to Pizza Shop business principles

Let me suggest you some courses according to my experience


Simon Allardice Courses

When we talking about learning programming fundamentals including all things that I already mentioned in above section of the article.I love this guy Simon Allardice, their courses are best for beginners

Note:  our website not affiliated with Lynda, I’m just sharing Best Way to Learn Programming

Programming Foundations: Fundamentals

Topics include:

  • Writing source code
  • Understanding compiled and interpreted languages
  • Requesting input
  • Working with numbers, characters, strings, and operators
  • Writing conditional code
  • Making the code modular
  • Writing loops
  • Finding patterns in strings
  • Working with arrays and collections
  • Adopting a programming style
  • Reading and writing to various locations
  • Debugging
  • Managing memory usage
  • Learning about other languages

Programming Foundations: Object-Oriented Design

Topics include:

  • Why use object-oriented design (OOD)?
  • Pinpointing use cases, actors, and scenarios
  • Identifying class responsibilities and relationships
  • Creating class diagrams
  • Using abstract classes
  • Working with inheritance
  • Creating advanced UML diagrams
  • Understanding object-oriented design principles

 Programming Foundations: Databases

Topics include:

  • What is a database?
  • Why do you need a database?
  • Choosing primary keys
  • Identifying columns and selecting data types
  • Defining relationships: one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many
  • Understanding normalization
  • Creating queries to create, insert, update, and delete data
  • Understanding indexing and stored procedures
  • Exploring your database options

I suggested you most favorite courses and amazing courses related basic concept you can take courses from other platforms like Udemy, Pluralsight etc

Let’s move on next phase.

Step#3: Practices, Practices, and Practices

Yes, know that quote

            Practice makes a Man Perfect

After clearing the basic concept of programming fundamentals

just trying to yourself better and better, you can ask any question about programming and join group related programming languages.

you can use these  sources for asking anything about programming from developers

How to become a better programmer

Best Video by Simon Allardice


At the end, I just want say :

Best way to learn programming is first to select the language, clear basic concept and go with it, practices, practices, practices …

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