Best way to learn programming

Today the modern world, almost every online learning platform offering the online courses of different subjects including programming courses like web development courses, java development courses, Android development courses etc but nobody teaches the method of  the best way to learn to program.

Don’t worry! Today I’m going to teach you this method

Best way to learn programming

First, of all, you should be confident, you can do it Yeah! Because this is really important to start any kind of career especially Programming.

so, next most necessary thing you should promise to yourself I’ll do any kind of legal work for this,

on the other hand, we can say that Set a goal for programming career per day, per week or per month

So, let’s get into this method, it’s pretty simple

hope you get point

After selecting your desired programming to go method

Step#1: Selecting your most favorite programming language

First thing is first to select your favorite subfield in programming, [Don’t worry about Scope of any programming]

if you are good in any kind of programming language, you have good programming skills, the good logic skill you can make a lot of $$$ Dollars! Yes you can do it

If you want to see how much money you can earn with each programming languages. simple go to upwork and

check related programming language profiles and calculate average income.

Step#2: Clear the basic concept

You know that in every field Basic Knowledge or concept is really important. so just clear some important concept

  • Programming Languages
  • High-Level Languages, Low-Level languages
  • Scripting Languages [Server Side or Client Side]
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Compiler, interrupters
  • Text Editors and IDE
  • Object-Oriented Analysis
  • Object-oriented programming languages
  • Object-oriented Design


Start your programming career with simple & easy syntax programming language

 My Experience :

I was started my programming career with C++. I learned C++,  working with conditional statements, sequence statements, build functions, like I was started my programming career with C++ I learned C++,  working with conditional statements , sequence statements, build functions, user-defined functions etc and after that  start object-oriented programming ,develop my life first object-oriented  little project Pizza Club Software Without any GUI Just use ASCII code to design my application Front-page where customer can select what kind of food they wanted to order and be using keyboard Keys, much more functionality related to Pizza Shop business principles

Let me suggest you some courses according to my experience


Simon Allardice Courses

When we talking about learning programming fundamentals including all things that I already mentioned in above section of the article.I love this guy Simon Allardice, their courses are best for beginners

Note:  our website not affiliated with Lynda, I’m just sharing Best Way to Learn Programming

Programming Foundations: Fundamentals

Topics include:

  • Writing source code
  • Understanding compiled and interpreted languages
  • Requesting input
  • Working with numbers, characters, strings, and operators
  • Writing conditional code
  • Making the code modular
  • Writing loops
  • Finding patterns in strings
  • Working with arrays and collections
  • Adopting a programming style
  • Reading and writing to various locations
  • Debugging
  • Managing memory usage
  • Learning about other languages

Programming Foundations: Object-Oriented Design

Topics include:

  • Why use object-oriented design (OOD)?
  • Pinpointing use cases, actors, and scenarios
  • Identifying class responsibilities and relationships
  • Creating class diagrams
  • Using abstract classes
  • Working with inheritance
  • Creating advanced UML diagrams
  • Understanding object-oriented design principles

 Programming Foundations: Databases

Topics include:

  • What is a database?
  • Why do you need a database?
  • Choosing primary keys
  • Identifying columns and selecting data types
  • Defining relationships: one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many
  • Understanding normalization
  • Creating queries to create, insert, update, and delete data
  • Understanding indexing and stored procedures
  • Exploring your database options

I suggested you most favorite courses and amazing courses related basic concept you can take courses from other platforms like Udemy, Pluralsight etc

Let’s move on next phase.

Step#3: Practices, Practices, and Practices

Yes, know that quote

            Practice makes a Man Perfect

After clearing the basic concept of programming fundamentals

just trying to yourself better and better, you can ask any question about programming and join group related programming languages.

you can use these  sources for asking anything about programming from developers

How to become a better programmer

Best Video by Simon Allardice


At the end, I just want say :

Best way to learn programming is first to select the language, clear basic concept and go with it, practices, practices, practices …

How to think like a successful Entrepreneur?

Curiosity serves the entrepreneurial bunch well. Individuals on the lookout to make something that the world hasn’t seen before,

to be better put as entrepreneurs can belong to any background, race, gender, and nation.

But how do you know one when you see one? Well, some of their everyday habits: They wake up with the sun. They’re the first ones to make it to the office and are often seen working late.

They are part of many large networks and circles and have the super human power to leave no stone unturned no matter the task at hand.

Dell’s Ingrid Vanderveldt who we know as entrepreneur-in-residence, investor and media personality shared an unvarying opinion of entrepreneurs that:

[ctt template=”10″ link=”cF3B0″ via=” \”yes” nofollow=”yes”]\”Entrepreneurs are barrier breakers whose optimistic view of the world combined with their creative thinking can address even the toughest of challenges, including the government\’s approach to innovatio\.”[/ctt]

As fancy it sounds, it’s true. The actions of entrepreneurs are the result of an agile mindset that leads them to believe that anything as orthodox as the visions and workings of government can be amended.

Their “to do” lists may be updated at all times but what causes the plinth of their progress to rise higher each day, are these individual perspectives they possess which serve as the fuel to their unstoppable engine. The prospects of all or any successful entrepreneur are not rock solid and bound to be all the same. In fact, they are highly adaptable and are subject to change as per one’s experiences, strengths, and weaknesses. Here, we dig deeper into these perspectives, and if any (or all of these) are in line with your philosophies, chances are you are on your way to breakthrough:

How to think like a successful Entrepreneur

1.    Entrepreneurs see the glass half full:

While this may be a better approach in dealing with every new and upcoming challenge and hiatus, entrepreneurs are exceptional optimists. Though an obvious trait to mention, its importance cannot be overlooked. Better still, many individuals get quickly disappointed on a small setback. Once in the running, different people get associated with your idea/work. The biggest downside of losing faith in your effort is that it lets down all others working towards making YOUR idea great. So no matter what, entrepreneurs always find the light at the end of the tunnel, and their optimism bars never go flat.

2.    All for One, One for All:

Successful leaders are known as the glue that holds their people together. Likewise, entrepreneurs bring about the high team game. They consider every team member necessary. They provide their team member the best place to work, so their productivity scale only increases. On the other hand, a negative disposition doesn’t take an entrepreneur very far, and here are two reasons why:

  1. A) They are known among the team as the terrible bosses, which eventually keep talented individuals away from joining in your venture.
  2. B) Under-staffed or staff with fewer potentials ultimately lead to deterioration of progress.

3.    Opportunity Radar:

Entrepreneurs always seek opportunities in everything, even failures! They can make good out of meager and high out of good. Failures for entrepreneurs are chances to learn from. Agility in their approach helps them redeem from failures and setbacks. So Even a single poster in their bedroom speaks of their passion. They attend workshops, hear stories and are found in every heap and corner where they think they can get the knowledge on how to make things better. Not just this, they are always on the tip of their seats to seize the moment and make the best out of marketing and branding opportunities for their products.

4.    Living on the Edge:

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is on the tips for all business ventures. Entrepreneurs work hard to assess at all times the risks and failures they may encounter as they may move forward with their plans. They don’t back down in front of challenges, instead, embrace them. They analyze in time what resources they have in store and how much can they invest in ideas that may not always promise positive returns or profits. They might not have tricks under their sleeves, but they sure know how to take calculated risks or make investments decisions that could prove fruitful in the long run.

5.    Future Inclinations:

Even with so much going on, successful entrepreneurs always know what follows suit. They always have plans for the futures. The worries of risk management and limited resources don’t bound them to plan moves periodically, or only when they are required. They not just think but also put in incessant effort to achieve today, what can be done tomorrow. They are always focused and have set milestones in advance, so not only them but also their team knows what to expect next.

6.    You Don’t Always Play by the Rules:

When you want to be your boss, you make the rules but break them on a regular basis. The experiences of an entrepreneur are not bound to be in line with those who have already made something extraordinary. They might not play by the rules, but they sure know how to achieve greatness. The CEO of FinePoint Digital PR, MeridethFineman, seconds with this prospect of an entrepreneurial mind, in her words: “It’s hard for me to relate when people can’t wait for the week to be over or can’t wait to rush out of the office for Happy Hour. My job is never done, nor do I want it to be. That’s not to say that I never do things for pleasure, but I am constructing my life and not constricting it based on someone else’s ideas or standards.”

What we discussed are some of the pervasive yet essential components of the mindset of a successful entrepreneur. One’s perspectives are bound to impact their actions, and in turn, determine to what heights they can elevate their ideas. So if you are an entrepreneur in the making, have a read, and analyze how many of them do you still not possess and which ones are still to be honed.

How to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

If you are WordPress user or during the visiting websites, you have must seen error like this

Error Establishing Database Connection

When we see this kind of error frustrated situation, Become Word Press beginner

its Big problem because you’re facing error without doing anything

then don’t worry

How to Fix it?

In this Post, I’m going to share Ultimate  Guide

How to Fix WordPress the error establishing a database connection

it takes only a few steps

Alert: Before applying this method, make sure you have backup of databases

Here are Reasons Why Do You Get Errors:

Let’s take a look at Why we get this errors

Here’s much reason why you get this kind of errors

  1. It could be your database login credentials  are wrong
  2. or have been changed
  3. due to Database Server is unresponsive
  4. or database corrupt

but the maturity of time error occur due to server error

Let’s take a look how to troubleshooting this error

Does Same Problem occur on Admin Page(/WP-admin) as well:

Make sure this mistake happen on front-end(front-page/page) of website or  back-end (admin panel/dashboard) of website

If you facing same error on front-end and also back-end

it may be error something different from front-end

Maybe you get the error on (wp-admin) page like this  “One or more database tables are unavailable.” or maybe you get error ” Error Establishing a Database Connection”

Don’t worry ! it is also easy to fix

Then your database  need to fix or repair

just adding some following lines of code in your wp-config.php (you can found out this wp-config file by using the panel of your website/server)



 with the help of this line of code WordPress allow us to repair and fix the database issues


Once you done this job, go to below link for viewing setting


Let’s Take Look on WP-CONFIG FILE:

Wp-Config.php is one of the most important files in WordPress installation.

Because this file contains a lot of important information about WordPress installation

  • Database Name
  • Database Username
  • Database Host
  • Data based Password
define('DB_NAME', 'database-name');
define('DB_USER', 'database-username');
define('DB_PASSWORD', 'database-password');
define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');

if by mistake  remove or change anything inside the wp-config file your WordPress website may be shut down and appear some same error message on screen  “Error Establishing a Database Connection”

for the fix, this error, check your wp-config.php file and check


check these things from your DATABASE

Just go to MySQL or PHPMyAdmin in your Cpanel

Hope you Enjoy this tutorial about Error Establishing a Database Connection If you like this method hit click on Share button

If you have any query, drop the comment below:

5 Quick Tips about Boost Google Plus Engagements

You know that engagement on Google plus is the secrete of Social media experts that don’t often share


Do you want to know these Secretes that boost engagement on Google plus fast and quickly


Let me Show the Secretes of Boost Google plus Engagement

We have 5 Quick tips about Boost Google plus Engagements

Before read this article: you should read the How to create Killer Google plus Profile


Are You Ready to boost Google plus engagement?

So let’s get started

  1. Use Attractive Images

You know that people attract with images more than text content the same scenario works in Google plus just use the Attract and Eye-catching images that totally relevant to your post  that you want to publish on Google plus

You worried about what kind of attractive images I’m talking

Let me give an example



You can see above images is very attractive and eye-catching as compare to this image




But Still Worried about How to make the attractive images

So, Don’t worried it’s pretty simple way just take 1 mints

Go to Canva and you can create it and if you know about Graphical Designing

You should installed Adobe Photoshop after that you can create the Killer and Eye-catching images